The skin is a very important organ for the body. It protects the whole body and prevents microbes from entering the body. To keep it in good condition, it must be maintained. Here are some practical tips on how to care for your skin effectively.

Clean and remove make-up from the skin daily

The skin is the organ that covers the whole body. This means that it is very often exposed to external aggressions. It is therefore necessary to clean the skin every morning and evening in order to rid it of any microbes. It is also advisable to make sure that every morning and evening, the various make-up products are cleaned. The skin, during perspiration, releases dead cells which stick and accumulate. It is therefore a good idea to clean the skin thoroughly. Cleaning can be done with a product. However, it is advisable to use natural products.

Hydration and nutrition of the skin

The skin needs water as it is made up of more than 60% of water. For this reason, it is advisable to wash 3 times a day. It is water that keeps the skin elastic. By taking a bath, the skin is rid of certain pathogenic microbes. However, you should be careful about the products you use for bathing. It is advisable to use natural products and especially products that are adapted to your body.

As far as nutrition is concerned, it is advisable to use natural oils to massage the skin. But please do not use greasy oils. You can also apply a natural alcohol-free toner to the skin to strengthen its elasticity.

Protecting the skin

The skin is a very sensitive organ to cold and extreme heat. Therefore, the skin must be protected from the sun. It is true that the morning and evening sun allow the skin to produce vitamin D, but care should be taken not to expose the skin to too much sun. During cooler weather, the skin must be protected from the cold. Otherwise, it becomes vulnerable and fragile.