Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body becomes very sensitive. Sport is an important part of the care she needs. The advantages of sport during pregnancy are numerous.

The health benefits for the pregnant woman

For a long time, sport could be considered dangerous for pregnant women, but the opposite is true. First and foremost, it allows good blood circulation and digestion. In addition to promoting good sleep, sport practised by pregnant women helps reduce mood swings and therefore improves morale. The benefits of sport for pregnant women are numerous.

It is obvious that during pregnancy, the pregnant woman is subject to weight gain and sometimes to shortness of breath, especially during the first few months. Sport reduces these risks while providing muscular resistance. Breathing is improved, which solves the problems of breathlessness. Sport also allows the pregnant woman to have a pregnancy with fewer risks and fewer difficulties during childbirth. The risk of gestational diabetes is considerably reduced with sport, as is back pain. Finally, it should be noted that sport considerably reduces stress in a pregnant woman; when a pregnant woman practices sport, she is no longer stressed, which is also good for the baby.

 Health benefits for the baby

Sport is not only beneficial for the woman carrying the baby. The baby also enjoys certain benefits from sport. According to some studies, sports activity by a pregnant woman stimulates the baby’s brain development. The risk of hypertension is reduced by more than 30% and the baby’s overweight is also avoided.

It is important to note that not all sports are suitable for pregnant women. Moderate intensity sports such as yoga, swimming, gentle gymnastics and walking are recommended. On the other hand, high-intensity sports such as karate, football, horse riding, etc. are not recommended. These are a great risk to the foetus.